There are some very important things that you will need to focus on when it comes to a breakdown cover policy. When you are fully aware of these things, it is much easier to get a policy that matches your needs. You will also be able to get your money’s worth, which is something everyone wants. There is no point in spending any amount of money on this type of cover if you don’t get exactly what you need in every regard.


One of the most important things to keep an eye out for when it comes to breakdown cover policies is the limitations they place on your service. Some of these providers put a limit on the number of callouts you can make each year. This is definitely one of the more important things to look for. You should try to find a company that doesn’t limit callouts at all so that you won’t have to worry about being limited in this way.

Onward Travel

The Onward Travel feature in many breakdown cover policies gives you the ability to get to your destination even if your car has to be taken to a garage for repairs. It will ensure that you get to wherever you need to go, which will minimize your inconvenience in this type of situation. There are also a lot of policies that will even give you a night or two in a local hotel if you happen to break down far from home. This can be very useful if you need to get your vehicle repaired while you are on a long trip.

Home Start

There is also Home Start, which provides you with breakdown cover services even when your vehicle is in your driveway at home. Whether your battery is dead or you have locked your keys in your car, these services can be extremely useful. This is sometimes a feature that you have to pay extra for, but some providers include it as standard in their policies. Either way, it is something that you should consider getting.

European Breakdown Cover

If you travel across Europe fairly often, you will probably want to look for a policy that includes European breakdown cover. This will almost certainly cost more than a standard policy, but it is well worth it depending on how often you travel outside of the UK. You will be able to call a technician to get help no matter where you are in Europe. The response times vary depending on the area you are in, but it’s still worth considering. You will have total peace of mind when you go on long trips, which you just cannot put a price on.

Hidden Fees

A vast majority of breakdown cover providers do not charge any hidden fees, but it’s still something that you should keep an eye out for. You will need to make sure that you don’t pay any more than you have to for these services. Look for any fees that appear suspicious and ask the provider about them before making a decision. This will help you to get the best overall deal and ultimately save money. When you compare roadside assistance cover this is definitely something you should look out for.

Vehicle Recovery

Vehicle recover is an aspect of breakdown cover that allows you to get your vehicle towed to the nearest garage when it breaks down. Some policies will allow you to get it towed to wherever you want in the entire UK, which is always nice. This is something else that you will need to take a close look at before deciding which policy to get. You’ll want to be able to get your car towed to wherever you want to reduce your inconvenience if your car breaks down and needs to be repaired. This is especially important if you have a certain garage that you get all of your work done at.

Vehicles Covered

Some breakdown cover policies cover only certain types of vehicles like sedans, SUVs and pickup trucks. If you have a motorcycle or recreational vehicle (RV), you will need to make sure it is covered under the policy before moving forward. If you have a certain type of vehicle, there is a chance that you’ll need to get a different policy and possibly pay a little more.

By taking the time to consider all of these things before getting breakdown cover, you will greatly improve your chances of getting exactly what you need overall. There are many different providers to consider before you make your final selection. The more time you spend doing this research, the better your chances are of getting your needs met. You should take as much time as necessary to review the policies of various providers. This will make it much easier to get your money’s worth in the end.

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