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Ron Yeats

Born 15th November 1937 - Aberdeen

Games 450(1) Goals 15

Honours - 2 League Championships, 1 Division 2 championship, 1 FA Cup, 2 Scotland Caps

Ron Yeats was known as the 'Colossus' throughout his career and proved to be the backbone of the defence that Shankly built his team around. He arrived at Anfield in the summer of 1961 and Shanks told the press men to take a walk round this great man.

The scotsman towered above people at 6ft 2in and he had interested Shanks from his managerial days at Huddersfield Town. Shanks initially put in a bid for Leeds' Jack Charlton but when that failed he paid the necessary 30,000 to Dundee United and Yeats became the lynchpin of the defence. He was made captain of the team within months of his arrival which he revelled in.

He won his first medal with the reds when he guided the reds out of division two at the end of the 1961-62 season and two seasons later he won the league championship. In 1964-65 he guided the reds all the way to Wembley and a win in the FA Cup final - the first in the reds' history.

One of the few players to get the better of Yeats in his reds career was Johan Cruyff in the European Cup. The reds lost that game 5-1 on a foggy night in Amsterdam. Towards the end of the sixties Yeats started suffering with his back and he was also hitting his thirties and Shanks eventually had to re-build his team. Larry Lloyd initially came in to replace him in the heart of the defence while Yeats player at left-back.

Yeats was chief scout at the Anfield club in his later days and was often found at the academy academy in Kirkby.