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SEASON 1892-93

Archive of all Results
1892-10-15  Walton Breck    2-0   
1892-11-26  Bootle Athletic  Home   
1892-12-31  Bootle Athletic  Away  5-1     


Liverpool Senior Cup
R1  1893-03-22  Chester Home  4-0    1500 
SF  1893-04-17  Bootle Athletic Home  1-0    500 
Final  1893-04-22  Everton Neutral  1-0  Wyllie (30)  10000 

Lancashire Senior Cup
QR1  1892-09-17  Southport Central Home  2-0     
QR2  1892-10-08  West Manchester Away  3-1     
R1  1893-01-28  Darwen Home  1-0  McVean (8)
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R2  1893-03-11  Bootle Away  1-2  H.McQueen
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