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Liverpool have had a number of official Magazines over the years. In January 1995 they started on a new venture of a monthly magazine. In 2000-01 the monthly magazine became the Official Matchday Magazine. Two versions of this were produced. One version which was sold exclusively at the match had an Anfield Edition stamp on it. The other version was produced for shops without this stamp on. However after two seasons the contract for the matchday programme and magazine switched hands.

When the new deal was struck with publishers they restarted the individual official magazine and made publication weekly. The links below point to the various magazines published. For the season 2000-01 and 2001-02 images can be found in the season pages.

After ten year of producing a weekly magazine the club made a new change with new publishers producing a monthly magazine which launched in August 2012.

As well as the original monthly magazine the club every now and again produced a special one off mag. LFC Specials charts these. Some of the Specials can also be found in the yearbooks page here. Finally the club do produce a an A4 brochure each season although it is not widely published. A couple of them are shown on the brochures page

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