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Peter Beardsley

Born 18th January 1961 - Newcastle

Games 155 with 15 sub appearances scoring 58 goals

Honours - 2 League Championships, 1 FA Cup, 59 England Caps

Perhaps one of the most creative forwards the club has had since Kenny Dalglish.  Beardsley was only around for four season but they were all excellent ones and the decision to sell him was poor given that he went on to play another six years and resurrect an international career for himself.

Beardsley was initially bought for £1.9 million by Kenny Dalglish in the summer of 1987 and alongside John Barnes terrorised teams that season.  Although he took a few months to really bed down into the team after that he really turned the style on.  His eye for the great final ball was majestic and within a free flowing footballing side he became another hero of the kop.

Throughout his career at Anfield he was often rested whilst the manager Dalglish altered his team for certain fixtures and it often told in the lack of creativity.  Even out of attack Beardsley was always looking to close down spaces and prevent the start of an opposition attack.

His Reds career though came to an end under Graeme Souness who perhaps sold him too early.  He moved on to Everton for £1 million in August 1991 but the reds can always remember his great skill and fast thought which brought the Reds some great play to watch.

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